Graffiti Part Two: The Adults

What can I say –  Adult graffiti is more boring than the more youthful variety and it says different things:

“I was here. I made this thing.”

Concrete steps into the cellar, installed by the Marvin Family.

“Here’s a board from this lot; it doesn’t matter if I’ve left the marks on it, because no one (important) will ever see it”.

“1794” painted on the summer kitchen roof

“We were here. Don’t forget us.”

The cement was poured in the basement in 1955. Before that it was dirt.

“Does this paintbrush work?”

“Daniel Curtiss” underneath the barn stairs

“If I get the brand really hot, will it go into the wood?”

Brands for “Pork” and “Cargo” ca. 19th century

Curtiss Brand

“I have some paint left over. What can I do with it?”

Paint on Door in Barn

The workmen who left these marks are mostly lost to history. Only one, Hobie Morris, is remembered by name in 2012. Hobie was a master carpenter who worked on most if not all of the restoration work that Harlan and Dorothy did in the 1960s and 70s. Reproducing paneling in the downstairs rooms, doing the hidden work in the kitchen – I remember him, quiet – taciturn, even – focused on his work – and handsome. I don’t believe I ever spoke a word to him. He worked for Henry Booth, another master carpenter, but my father reported that he didn’t want the headache of being a business owner, so he came, quietly made beauty, and left. The only visible trace of his pride in his work was when he rebuilt the cellar hatchway.

Hobie Morris, 1979


About skgriswold

My love of history and art was nurtured by living in a wonderful significant historical house for much of my life.
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One Response to Graffiti Part Two: The Adults

  1. Julie G says:

    Love this piece. I remember some fun adult graffiti in the cabin. I hope it’s still there!!

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