Collis P. Huntington

Connecticut was an extraordinary incubator of innovation and entrepreneurs. Hollow Road could be said to be a particular hotbed of entrepreneurship, with Jabez Bacon, Matthew Lyon, and Daniel Curtiss all contributing to that claim. One entrepreneur who had a significant effect in the West was Collis P. Huntington, from Harwinton, Connecticut.

Woodbury can claim a little credit for his rise (whether warranted or not is another story), as he came to work for Daniel Curtiss in his little store and bank in the Hollow, next door to the Jabez Bacon/Daniel Curtiss House.

The Jabez Bacon House and Store during the Curtiss Family Time, ca. 1890 – 1900. The store is the small white building to the left of the house (painted red and white.

Like Jabez Bacon before him, Huntington went from an impoverished childhood to great wealth. Unlike Bacon, though, Huntington’s contributions to the growth of the nation and to the communities of which he was a part continue to be remembered.


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