Why I Love Old Houses

Every now and then I run across someone who says what I am thinking, better than I can say myself:

Why I Love Old Houses.


About skgriswold

My love of history and art was nurtured by living in a wonderful significant historical house for much of my life.
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2 Responses to Why I Love Old Houses

  1. Loved this article- there is something irreplaceable about learning to be aware of what came before us, and imagine how this very spot looked and sounded and felt in the past, as possibly others will do when we are gone.

  2. skgriswold says:

    Agreed – and that is why I feel it’s so important to support our historic resources and make them feel friendly and accessible. Not everybody gets to let their imaginations run wild in an old house, but there are few children who aren’t enchanted when they can.

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